We’ve Just Undergone Sash Window Repair!

Our Easy Process with Richardson and Starling

Window Survey

As many of you may know, Brownhill Surgery is located in an older building. We regularly undergo building surveys and inspections to help ensure that the building and our surgery, are in the safest possible conditions. We decided to undergo a routine window survey to check that everything was in good working order.


Getting the news back from the window survey, we weren’t really surprised with the outcome. A few patients had mentioned the waiting room being a little colder than usual, joking with us if we are “trying to save money on heating.” The window repair specialist informed us that due to a little bit of natural wear and tear, that our sash windows in the waiting room were letting in a draft.

Sash Window Repair

Richardson & Starling were quick to get to work on our sash window repair. From the get-go, they understood the importance of getting the full surgery up and running again as we only had the weekend before patients would be returning the following Monday. If you have ever been to Brownhill Surgery, you will know that there are a lot of sash windows located around the building. This is great for letting in light but not so great when you have to undergo a major sash window repair operation. Due to the age of the building and the fact that a lot of the window frames are still the originals, there were concerns that some of the windows would need to be replaced completely. But luckily, because the damage was caught early on, we were able to opt for preventative measures to help the existing window frames last even longer.

The Future

Although the windows have been repaired to an impeccable standard, they will not last forever. We have been advised to replace all of the older windows in the next 5 years to help prevent more serious issues. We are currently working out a plan that is going to cause the least disruption to the daily running of the surgery.

Trusted Sash Window Repair Specialists

If you are looking for sash window repair in the area, then we need to make a recommendation after the stellar service that we received from Richardson & Starling. They were professional and committed to ensuring that our job was done within our very strict timescale. We are more than happy with the repairs that have been carried out over the weekend and will continue working with them in the future.