Sash Windows in Glasgow Types

If you live in the Glasgow area, you might be interested in getting some new sash windows. However, it’s essential to make sure you choose the right window. It’s also worth having a look at some sash windows.

This type of window can supply you with a stylish and beautiful view of your surroundings. But it’s also important to understand how to maintain these kinds of windows. You might be surprised to find out that sash windows need a bit of maintenance.

sash windows in Glasgow


Sash windows are a common feature of Georgian Glasgow buildings. They are side-hung wooden casements that have the ability to transform the bottom frame into a side-hung casement or to form a vertical sliding window.

A basic fitting for sash windows includes a lead weight, a brass or hardwood pulley and some type of fastener to secure the sashes. The weights should be slightly heavier than the upper sash.

There are a number of companies that offer a repair service for sash windows. This is particularly significant if the sash is missing or damaged. You will need to ensure that the replacement is of the same quality as the original.


Victorian sash windows were distinctive. They were often very ornate, with larger glass panes. The main type of sash window was the 6-over-6 window. This sash was essentially a window casement in the same way that a side-hung window casement is. It was commonly used for both small and large houses.

In the late 19th century, sash windows became increasingly elaborate. The main fittings were pulleys, weights, sash cords, and shutter hinges. Pulleys could be either iron or brass and were mass-produced from the 1780s. Some were partially steel and had idler wheels to take the weight of plate glass.


A sash window is a sliding window which has a sash hung from a frame. These windows have been in use since the 7th century. They can also be referred to as a Yorkshire sliding sash or horizontal sliding sash. The sash is divided into six panes or two panes.

A sash window can be made from several different materials. It’s important to choose the right material for the job. Some materials are more fire-resistant than others. Traditionally, timber was used to build sash windows. Other materials include bronze, iron and aluminium.

There are several companies which offer window repair and upgrade services. To ensure that any repairs are done correctly, you should take note of any parts of the window that need repairing.

Modern Technology with Handcrafted Craftsmanship

A good sash window in Glasgow can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The best ones are a blend of old-school craftsmanship with the latest in cutting-edge technology. For example, the Evolve VS sash window combines high-performance glass with quality glazed sash horns, tilting upper and lower sashes, and top-of-the-range operating hardware. It’s a notch above your average wood-framed sash.

As you might expect, these windows are a bit of a pain to install. However, you can expect your investment to pay for itself with the money you save on energy bills. Fortunately, Sash Windows Australia possesses nearly 40 years of industry experience and will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Rot Checks are Essential for Sash Windows Maintenance

Sash windows have a long history, dating back to the mid-17th century. In this period, sash windows are usually made from hardwood (pine) or slow-grown deal. During the 19th century, the construction of sash windows changed. They became multi-patented. Rather than using the same wooden case, sashes were now separated by metal pulleys or shutter hinges.

Modern materials do not necessarily make windows more secure. A lack of regular maintenance can lead to water penetration. This, in turn, can lead to decay. Water-soluble chemicals diffuse into the surrounding timber, causing rot and decay.

When repairing your sash windows, it is essential to conduct a rot check. First, determine the extent of rust or corrosion. Rust and decay are visible by cracked or flaking paint. Often, if the rust is superficial, it can be removed by rubbing. However, if it is deeper, it may need to be raked out. The surface should be cleaned and wiped down, then primers and paints should be applied.

Cleaning a Sash Window

Sash windows in Glasgow are a popular choice amongst homeowners looking to maximise the space they have available. While a sash window may not have the longevity of a solid timber door, it can be repaired without having to rip up the entire window. For example, you can replace the glass with secondary glazing to achieve similar heat savings. You can also add ironmongery to improve security.

A sash window cill is usually constructed from a slow-grown deal, such as pine. It is often affected by water penetrating the joints, which causes the cill to rot. This is best dealt with by a skilled joiner.