Disability Aids UK – What Products Are Out There To Help Me?

disability aids uk

The more research we have on disabilities, the more innovators and engineers can work on creating disability aids uk to help people all over the world. There have been so many inventions in the last 10 years that have came from the improvements in technology such as curing blindness and improved prosthetics for people who have lost their limbs.

disability aids uk


Wheelchairs can be used by anyone. In most recent years technology has allowed patients to go out and about independently on their own with their wheelchair as it can be manoeuvred electronically. Wheelchairs have also been modified to allow those who are disabled or less mobile to participate in sport – take wheelchair basketball for example, they can sprint up and down the court at an excellent speed as well as twist and turn much more easily.

Smart Glasses

These were developed only a few years ago to help partially blind people. When an individual wears the smart glasses it will help them to distinguish between dark and light objects, making it much safer for them going out and about on their own.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have improved dramatically over the years. They used to be large uncomfortable devices that would make such horrible sounds some partial deaf people wouldn’t bother wearing them. Now the hearing aids are so small you cannot even see them in people ears. As well as this they are so comfortable not even the patient realises they’re there.

Bath Seat

For elderly people it is really difficult to stand for a period of time it is also really difficult to sit down in low positions – add in the risk of slipping and falling on a wet surface how on earth are people supposed to feel safe and comfortable while doing a simple task like washing. The bath seat is a great alternative. It lowers less mobile individuals into their bath and helps them get out again. Knowing they have this independence it gives people more confidence.

disability aids uk

It can be shown that technology is helping to improve the lives of those who are less mobile or who are disabled psychically. People can hear better, see better, move better and have an over all better quality of life. It is about bridging the gap and allowing those who are disabled enjoy or have the opportunity to be a part of as many jobs, sports and activities. There is not end to how much technology will improve in the future and we are expecting many more innovations to help improve quality of lives for many people all over the world.