Urine Samples

All urine samples should be delivered to the surgery before 11.00am where possible.

Phlebotomist Clinic

A phlebotomist clinic (blood samples) runs at the surgery every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Samples can be taken for any NHS Consultant request from any NHS hospital

Diabetic Clinic

Diabetic clinics are held by the practice nurse and one of the doctors and appointments are made by invitation.

Asthma Clinic

You will receive an invitation to attend but you may make an appointment at the reception desk if you wish.

Adult Immunisation

If you have never had a course of anti-tetanus injections then we should do this for you. It consists of three injections at monthly intervals (please ask the nurse). If you have never had any polio immunisation, please let us know so that we can advise you.

Childhood Immunisations

Clinics are held regularly. You should receive appointments through the post but if you have not heard by the time your child is 10 weeks old, or if you think your child has missed any other pre-school immunisation, please contact the surgery.

2 months 1st dose DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis), polio, Hib and pneumococcal
3 months 2nd dose DTP, polio, Hib + Men C
4 months 3rd dose DTP, polio, Hib + pneumococcal + men C
12 months Hib/Men C
13 months MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and pneumococcal
31/2 – 4 years Booster DTP + 2nd dose MMR
12-18 years HPV immunisation by invitation only.
13-18 years Booster, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio.

We participate in all immunisation catch-up programmes. Anyone who receives an invitation is encouraged to make an appointment.

Travel Clinic

The practice nurses are available to advise on travel and to administer required vaccinations. Travel clinic appointments should be made a minimum of eight weeks prior to travel where possible. Malaria tablets are only available on a private prescription for which there is a charge; alternatively, certain malaria tablets can be purchased from the chemist. Travel packs are also available for purchase. A charge may be made for some vaccines.

Yellow Fever Centre

We are an approved Yellow Fever Centre and are able to administer the vaccine to any member of the public on request. There is a charge. For further information, please ask at reception.

Minor Surgery

We offer a range of minor surgery procedures, which doctors are qualified to undertake. Please make a routine doctor appointment in the first instance.


Services are provided by all the doctors during a routine appointment, or by our practice nurses who hold family planning qualifications. Emergency contraception advice is available but must be obtained within 72 hours.

Non-NHS Examinations

A full range of insurance, pre-employment, fitness to travel, fitness to undertake sports and all forms of driver medicals are performed. An appointment is needed as they can take up to 30 minutes. A fee is normally payable as these services are not covered by the NHS.


You can find more information on doctors and staff, as well as surgery times throughout the site.