The Newest Member of Leading Glasgow Orthodontics Team: Dr Almuzian

A child lies on a dental chair at Glasgow orthodontics clinic as dental surgeon looks into his mouth.

The Berkeley Clinic is one of Glasgow’s top dental clinics offering award-winning dental, orthodontic and aesthetic treatments. Dr Mohammad Almuzian has recently joined the team at this Glasgow city centre dental practice, adding further prestige to an already highly recommended professional team. The Berkeley Clinic have been providing Glasgow orthodontics for several years, alongside restorative and cosmetic dentistry and winning awards in both fields. With the addition of this new, expertly trained orthodontist we can expect more availability for appointments as well as the option for specialist orthodontic treatment as provided by Dr Almuzian.

Dr Almuzian: Specialist Orthodontist

The newest member of the Berkeley Clinic’s team has been working in both adult and children’s orthodontics for over seventeen years. Overall, Dr Almuzian has completed over 10,000 cases and worked in six different countries including the UK and Australia. Naturally, Dr Almuzian is an expert when it comes to the application of conventional Glasgow orthodontics, but his experience and skill allows him to customise procedures in order to achieve the very best results. Often, Dr Almuzian will combine a variety of methods in order to produce optimal solutions.

Three specialists at Glasgow orthodontics clinic look at x-ray against the light from a nearby window.

Appointments with Dr Almuzian

The Berkeley Clinic is now accepting referrals for Dr Almuzian who will be focussing on complex cases that will require the use of removable and functional appliances, tooth coloured braces including ceramic and resin, metal braces, transparent (lingual) braces and skeletal anchorage devices (TADs). Fitting in with the ideology that the Berkeley Clinic follows, Dr Almuzian uses cutting-edge technological advancements such as 3D imaging for diagnosis as well as carrying out a digital photographic and cephalometric analysis to ensure a harmonious bite.

The Rest of the Team

Every member of the team at the Berkeley Clinic is expertly trained to assist patients through each stage in their dental treatment journey, as well as being qualified in the UK for their fields. Dr Mike Gow, the clinical director of Dental Anxiety specialising in dentistry, anxiety management, sedation and hypnosis. Dr Gow focuses on helping patients overcome phobias and fears relating to dentistry and has won several awards for the best treatment of anxious patients. Dr Greig McLean is the Clinical Director, a doctor, dentist and implant surgeon. Dr Stewart Wright is a dentist with a specialist interest in the treatment of TMD, Holistic Dentistry.

Hand throws up Glasgow orthodontics equipment used for magnifying patient's teeth with dental chair and surgery room in the background.

Glasgow Orthodontics Available at the Berkeley Clinic

Whether your teeth are crooked, crowded or have gaps, there are various teeth straightening options available at the Berkeley Clinic’s Glasgow orthodontics. As well as traditional fixed, metal or ceramic braces, this award-winning Glasgow clinic offers Invisalign clear aligners which are a discreet alternative to train tracks. These aligners are removable, meaning you don’t need to wear them while eating and so can avoid the discomfort and awkwardness of having to clean your brace after every meal. This also means your brace can be removed for special occasions such as weddings or job interviews. With the assistance of innovative technologies, and the specialist skill from Dr Almuzian and the rest of the team the Berkeley Clinic is undoubtedly the prime choice for all your Glasgow orthodontics.