Temporary Building Hire for Temporary Healthcare Facilities UK

The NHS is facing one of the worst crisis’ since it began over 70 years ago. Funding has been cut time and time again by the UK Government with no signs of stopping. Not only does funding need to be raised, solutions need to be found to reduce the cost it takes to run the NHS – without compromising on the quality of service but instead, improving it. Here is why temporary building hire may be beneficial for healthcare in the UK.

temporary building hire

Pop-Up Clinics

Pop-up clinics can be an excellent addition to the healthcare system. With the right set up and equipment, pretty much any type of healthcare service can be put into a temporary building. Pop up clinics can include anything from blood donation centres to smear test clinics and even sonograms.

One of the main issues at the moment is that many remote hospitals and clinics are being closed down due to lack of funding, with more central and city locations taking favour and staying open. Even though this does seem like the most logical thing to do, it doesn’t help people who may live in these remote places and now no longer have easy access to healthcare – especially the older community.

Temporary building hire is easy to keep sterile and quick to dismantle and assemble somewhere else. Allowing doctors to visit many people in different places.

Temporary Healthcare Centre/Hospital

One of the major issues with healthcare in the UK is if that a healthcare centre or hospital needs renovations at least part of it will have to be closed off until the work is done. This can dramatically decrease the amount of people that doctors will be able to see. Temporary building hire of a healthcare centre can keep business running as usual.

Medical Storage

Temporary building hire has the potential to be used for medical storage. Some types of temporary building are used by the military and in a custodial setting and these are deemed incredibly safe and practical by the government. Due to this, temporary buildings could be used a great onsite storage facility. Buying in bulk saves money, so this would allow the NHS to stockpile supplies and store them safely.

Temporary Building Hire for Disaster Relief

We are lucky in the UK in terms of natural disasters – we don’t get many of them and when we do, it’s generally small scale compared to other countries. However, with the ever growing concern over global warming and the effects, it’s having on our weather. More frequent major natural disasters may be right around the corner. Temporary building hire could provide disaster relief in times of crisis, with both natural and man-made disasters.