Double Glazing Glasgow Refurbished Our Clinic

double glazing glasgow

When it came to the refurbishment of our building, we wanted to do everything properly and make sure that it would last for a long time.  We had been through a lot of problems with building regulations and the local council building regulators.  Our building was quite old, and we had been told for years that we were not allowed to refit our windows as they had to match the style and keep to the original building aesthetics. This was incredibly frustrating, however recently the budling regulations on doctors surgeries changed, and we were finally allowed to put in double glazing Glasgow companies could provide us with.  We jumped at the chance and decided to do a full refurbishment while we were at it.  This is our story.

double glazing glasgow

Double Glazing Glasgow Company

It was finally time to get rid of our old single glazing window system and get some nice shiny new windows installed.  We wanted to keep to the original styling of the building, so we opted for some very unobtrusive and classically styled window frames that resembled our old frames. We also thought that it should keep the planning permission people happy further down the line if we wanted to make more improvements to the surgery.  We went with a recommended double glazing Glasgow company that had excellent reviews and had lots of experience installing windows.

double glazing glasgow

Refurbishment Week

So the week came when all the work had to be done.  We had five days of closure between Wednesday and Sunday, so we would only be closed for 4 days to the public.  All the work had to be completed within this time frame, so there was not much room for mistakes or setbacks.  We were all pretty sure that things would go fine without any hitches, but you can never be too sure.  The window company came on Friday morning, and go to work straight away removing the old windows. 

double glazing glasgow

The Process

The old windows were tricky to free from their original housing where they had spent the last one hundred years or so keeping out the elements.  But sure enough they were popped out and our nice shiny new uPVC windows were slid into place.  They were all sealed up and the ledges were installed to match.  The result was gorgeous new windows all throughout the doctor’s surgery that really did look the business.  After the rest of the work was done the surgery really was transformed, and for once everyone was very excited about going to work on Monday.


The Benefits of Double Glazing

Everyone knows the usual benefits of double glazing, such as better insulation and heat being trapped inside the room, but there were a few other benefits we didn’t realise we would get.  For one, the surgery was a whole lot quieter, since the double glazing allowed less background noise from outside to get in the building.  We loved our new office and are definitely glad that we were able to modernise our office with new windows.