First Aid Is A Crucial Skill To Learn

Save lives in your workplace. This might sound like the obvious reason, but if it’s proven that first aid actually saves lives, it really is worth the investment. Why do you think everyone is taught CPR in the workplace? If a person has an emergency in the workplace then who is trained to respond to the emergency? First aid training provides your staff with the confidence and capability to respond to a medical emergency, accidental injury or even a natural disaster.

Treat common injuries that occur daily. Everyone experiences cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns and sprains. How many people actually go to the doctor or call an ambulance for minor injuries such as these? Most of us settle for visiting a local shop or supermarket for minor burns or scrapes. And those are just the minor ones!

What Can Employers Do To Improve First Aid Opportunities?

Employers must ensure their staff is equipped with adequate first aid training. In an office environment where people come and go during the day, a lack of training means any spill, cut or scratch can occur while employees are away from the desk. Emergency situations don’t happen over night. By providing employees with a first aid course they will know how to deal with emergencies in an immediate and effective way.

Employees are more likely to remember procedures if they are familiar with them. That’s why taking steps to provide training in first aid training is so important. When employees participate in a course, they will have learned what to do in different situations. It will teach them not only how to treat a patient quickly but also the proper procedure in providing care when the situation is more complex. For example, a patient may have slipped and fallen on the floor but an employee should know how to get the person to the door and then apply pressure until they are able to move on their own. Recognizing the various steps in treating a person from a distance is something every member of the medical team needs to be trained on.

First aid is a skill that should be taught in a professional, first aid training course. The information learned will help save countless lives and improve the functioning of the health care system. It is recommended that school students take a health awareness course as well, just as all students should participate in immunizations and learn about the prevention of diseases at school. Providing medical staff with information on how to perform their job correctly and the basics of first aid will help maintain efficiency in the workplace and allow those professionals to provide safe work for school students.


Based on what we have discussed, its certainly clear that taking positive steps to improve knowledge about first aid is amongst the best ways to ensure it is practiced far more widely and actively. This is important to observe so that there is an uptake and increase in overall demand for first aid training and lessons