Cosmetic Surgery

cosmetic surgery

While both cosmetic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery primarily deal with enhancing a patient’s physical appearance, the underlying philosophies behind patient results are very different. Plastic surgery is focused on addressing issues in the patient, while cosmetic surgery is focused on addressing issues within the patient’s self-image and sense of self worth. A cosmetic surgeon focuses on altering the physical appearance of an individual patient through cosmetic procedures that can improve a patient’s appearance by addressing social issues such as drooping eyelids or uneven skin tone. A physician trained in cosmetic surgery can perform a variety of procedures, from liposuction to nose reshaping. A plastic surgeon can also perform a variety of procedures, including face lifts to enhance a person’s face.

Cosmetic surgery is often a complicated procedure. Many times, a surgeon will perform a number of different procedures at one time. During this procedure, the surgeon will take a sample of the patient’s skin and surgically remove a portion of the patient’s skin in order to increase the size of the desired change. In other cases, a physician may use different techniques, such as excision or grafting of new skin to change the overall appearance of a patient. Cosmetic surgery, unlike plastic surgery, is not recommended for pregnant women. If a patient is going into cosmetic surgery for aesthetic reasons, they should be under the care of a physician that specializes in cosmetic surgery. There are certain risks involved with cosmetic surgery and these risks can sometimes outweigh any possible benefits.

While the two practices may be similar in some ways, there are many differences between cosmetic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons must receive specific education in order to receive certification. There is a certain amount of risk involved with the procedures cosmetic plastic surgeons perform, especially those that are performed for aesthetic reasons. Cosmetic plastic surgeons must have many years of experience in order to be able to provide patients with the best results possible.