List of Some of the Foods That can Improve Your Immune System

fruit that improves your immune system bowl of fruit


If you are prone to becoming unwell then you may have a problem with your immune system. A weak immune system means that your body finds it harder to fight against infections or viruses that you may pick up from other people. Having a weak immune system usually means you do not have enough protein in your diet or other foods that your body needs to function properly. Weak immune systems can lead to many health problems which is why we at the Brownhill Surgery have come up with a list of foods to add to your diet. Foods that can improve your immune system are:


  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Poultry
  • Shellfish
  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Nuts


With this list, there are a number of foods that you can incorporate into your diet that can help your immune system become stronger.



All fruit is good for your health and it is important that you eat as much fruit as you can, preferably 5 fruits a day. This is a manageable amount of fruit to eat each day or at least a few times each week. For example, you could take 5 of your favourite fruits to work with you and have a fruit salad. This is a healthier option than eating chocolate throughout the day. Fruits also have a number of health benefits, for instance; help with weight loss, clearer skin and provide a nutritional diet. Citrus fruits are great to help improve immune systems as they are rich in vitamin C. Fruits that consist of Vitamin C are: grapefruits, Oranges, lemon and limes. Vitamin C improves the production of white blood cells which help fight off infections.

Vegetables in a bowl that can help improve your immune system

Vegetables that Improve your Immune System

Citrus fruits are not the only way you can incorporate Vitamin C into your diet. Red Bell peppers have twice the amount of vitamin C than what is found in citrus fruits. Another vegetable that is filled with nutrients is broccoli. This vegetable is packed with vitamin A which helps with vision and development of muscles, Vitamin C which helps with white blood cell production and Vitamin E which protects tissue damage.

improve your immune system eating shellfish



Shellfish are another important food that you should incorporate into your diet every so often because they are full of zinc. Seafood’s that are rich in zinc are; crab, lobster and muscles. Zinc is an important nutrient needed to ensure that your immune system gets what it needs to function properly. However, it is important that you consume your daily amount and nothing more as too much zinc can make you feel sick.