Dental SEO Expert Has The Power To Get You Clients

dental seo expert

Hiring a dental SEO expert (Search Engine Optimisation) could be your only marketing campaign this year, and it would still outperform all other forms of marketing in terms of generating leads and sales.

Dental SEO Expert

Dental SEO Expert Goes Local

A staggering 48% of all Google searches are local searches, meaning that the user is looking for a product or service near them.  The might use the search phrase “Glasgow Dentist” for example, which will give them a ranked page of all the dentists in Glasgow that Google thinks have the most authority and are best suited to answer the search query.  In order to appear with the top performers on the first page of search results, you need to have an SEO strategy in place that works on getting your status in the eyes of Google’s search engine, and that’s where a dental SEO expert, for example, would come in.

Dental SEO Expert

How Long Does SEO Take?

Unfortunately, SEO does not happen overnight, and ranking at the very top on the first page of Google can take anywhere from 4 months to a year.  However, as long as it is maintained, your website should stay there and generate a substantial amount of traffic to your website, which ultimately leads to sales.  As long as your website is appealing and the content satisfies the consumer’s questions, this will usually result in a conversion.

Dental SEO Expert

Conversion Rate With Dental SEO Expert

Conversion rate refers to the ratio of people who navigate to your site via Google and end up becoming a customer, against the people who ‘bounce’ or navigate away.  Obviously the higher your conversion rate is, the better your business will perform.  It may well be that you have relatively low traffic to your website, however, the amount of people who convert into customers is high.  This is a good sign that your website is optimised and giving people what they want, however it also means that your SEO efforts are lacking and in need of some more fine-tuning. 


Customers In Control

We know that around 50% of consumers nowadays do some kind of research inside the actual store they are interested in.  Whether this may be analysing the competition, or even checking for discrepancies between what staff are saying versus what the website says.  The consumer is firmly in the driving seat when it comes to purchase decisions, so it is up to companies to give them this information and be fully transparent.  Another interesting piece of data is the fact that 1 in 3 smartphone searches on Google are made right before the customer goes to the store.  This is the customer making an informed decision about what’s on offer and whether or not you as a business can meet their expectations. 

Dental SEO Expert

Applied SEO

A respectable SEO agency should be able to show you where you are going wrong in your online management and outline things that can be improved in order to get your business ranking higher on Google and attracting more customers.